Food & Menu

Vegetarians’ Paradise

All meals are prepared by cooks and taken at the field station. Sri Lankan food is tasty and normally spicy! Vegetarian diets can be accommodated, and in fact, visitors have praised our vegetarian menu. Less spicy dishes can be prepared for visitors upon request. Below are examples of the foods you might expect during your expedition.

  • Breakfast: Fresh fruit, eggs, fresh bread or toast, oatmeal, jam and one or two local curries, coffee and tea.
  • Lunch/Dinner : Rice and curry and other local specialties usually involve 3-5 different dishes of vegetables, plus meat, eggs or fish, with fruit, curd (yogurt) or pudding for dessert. Fresh lake fish (tilapia) is served frequently. Good meat is scarce. In deference to Western palates, the curries are toned down. The menu changes daily and Western-style dinners are sometimes served.
  • Beverages: Ceylon tea, coffee, and potable tap water or bottled will be provided. Beer and soft drinks can be purchased at the field station.

Special Dietary Requirements

Sri Lanka is not a traditional meat-eating country. Red meat is rarely served, but fresh lake fish (tilapia) is served almost daily. Vegetarians and vegans can be accommodated easily, as can other with dietary restrictions; however, please alert us to any special dietary requirements when booking. (e.g. diabetic, lactose intolerant, etc.).