Buzzing with life

Of the many kinds of insects, the colorful and easy to spot butterflies are often of interest.


Photo: Wolfgang Dittus

Photo: Wolfgang Dittus

In Sri Lanka 244 species of butterfly have been recorded and 21 of these are endemic. At Polonnaruwa, different species occur seasonally in synchrony with plant phenological activity. Our field camp and site are excellent locations for easily observing butterflies in abundance. For example, fluttering at our site are the rare Gaudy Baron (Euthalia lubentina), Common Banded Peacock (Papilio crino), Lime Butterfly (Papilio demoleus), Crimson Rose (Pachliopta hector) and many others. Our field research station has a list.

Other invertebrates

The numbers and variety of insect species to be seen are numerous. Here we offer a sampling of some images.

Photo: W. Dittus Red Dragon

Photo: W. Dittus
Red Dragon


Photo: Yaniv Edry



Photo: Barney Wilczak
Termite Mound


Photo: Tatiana Dittus
Freshwater Lobster