Nature Tours & Safaris

Celebrate Nature

  • These options can be booked on site or by contacting us.

Bird watching & boat tour to “Bird Island” colony

Nearly 150 species of birds can be seen at our site, including migrants from the Himalayas.  Our naturalists are expert in locating and identifying the birds in and around Polonnaruwa. A nesting colony of water-birds is within a 20 minute canoe paddle from our monkey camp research station. We offer an early morning sunrise or evening sunset boat trip to “Bird Island.”  Add to your  bird check list; browse our detailed guide to the Birds of Sri Lanka at Polonnarwua


Photos: Tatiana Dittus, Wolfgang Dittus, Chameera Pathirathne

Elephant society – safari

Occasionally, wild elephants roam close to our monkey camp at the lake side.  Also, within one hour drive from our place there are the three locations for observing large herds of wild elephants. Join an afternoon safari by jeep to the Minneriya or Kaudulla National Parks, or to the Eco Park near Habarana.  See for yourself how the different herding patterns reflect adaptations to varying social and ecological needs.

Photos: Palitha Handunge

Photos: Palitha Handunge

Photo: Wolfgang Dittus

Photo: Wolfgang Dittus

Fishing by dugout

Our immediate neighbors are fisher-folk, who supply us with fresh fish daily. Join them in their dugout as they paddle the lake to set their nets at sunset or retrieve their catch at sunrise. Learn about introduced fish species and local fresh water ecology.