Education and Training

Our strength for teaching rests on our knowledge that has been built on over 47 years of scientific research of primates and nature

We provide leadership in the study and conservation of primates.  We educate and inspire diverse communities so they become part of our commitment to celebrate, study, and protect primates and their habitats.


Film Crew: David Attenborough, (Thomas Dittus) & Mark Linfield

Global and local communities

  • We disseminate knowledge about the fascinating behaviors of primates through global broadcasts of documentaries that were produced with our collaboration.
  • We do first-class scientific research and publish in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • Through our Field Research Station and study site at Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka, we engage in a variety of educational programs to suit different end-user needs (see below).

School partnerships

Sri Lanka has been recognized as a global hot spot in biodiversity. Yet few people seem to appreciate its significance and the responsibility that it carries. We reach out to and educate the local community about the wealth of their biological heritage. Our staff does about two educational programs every month.


  • We assist local schools in setting up nature education centers, offer lectures, do exhibitions, and serve as an official resource for A-level practical studies.
  • We organize forest re-plantation programs, as well as conservation action projects, in concert with government institutions and schools.
  • School and university groups from other parts of Sri Lanka, and internationally, visit our site to benefit from our instructions about primate behavior and ecology and nature in general. We support students with their university dissertation studies.
  • We participate yearly on the nation-wide Kandy School of Science program of the Institute of Fundamental Studies (IFS)

Educational Tours


Photo: Wolfgang Dittus

  • We invite visitors (laymen, students, and professionals) to learn from us by participating in our research program or by joining one of our special educational tours. Learn more
  • Our classroom lies in a natural forest setting esthetically punctuated by famous ruins of temples and palaces of a bygone era. See Location