Fostering greater understanding, appreciation and protection of the grand phenomena of primate societies.


Monkey Tours

The Primate Center Lodge provides accommodations for guests and the infra-structure for scientific research at our field station (monkey camp).



People will conserve only what they love, and will love only what they know and understand, and will understand only what they are taught


Education and Training

We educate and inspire diverse communities to participate in our commitment to celebrate, study, and protect primates and their habitats.


Scientific Research

We aim to increase our knowledge about the biology and evolution of social behavior in primates, and by extension, in man.

Educational Tours Rooted in Science

This site describes our Primate Biology Program in Sri Lanka. We do scientific studies and offer educational tours observing the fascinating soap-opera lives of monkey societies. Observations take place in the monkeys’ tropical forest home among scenic ruins of temples and palaces of bygone Buddhist and Hindu civilizations.

You benefit from our 45+ years of scientific study, and 25+ years as expedition leaders.

Different tours are tailored for families with children, retirees, students and professionals

This site is also relevant to scientists, students, educators, and anyone interested in primate biology, wildlife conservation and South Asian tropical biodiversity.


Latest News

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March 2016: Dr. Dittus responds to questions from the Sri Lanka Secretariat of Biodiversity  …

Monkey Kingdom: Sri Lankans star in Hollywood epic

The Sunday Times newspaper (Vol 50, No.  13),  Sunday, August 30, 2015 Sri Lankans star…

Incultrating professionalism for national development

August 2015.  Dr. Dittus chairs the plenary session on Pragmatic Research for Devleopment and Prosperity…


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