Fostering greater understanding, appreciation and protection of the grand phenomena of primate societies.
Educational tours rooted in science

This site describes our Primate Biology Program in Sri Lanka. We do scientific studies and offer educational tours observing the fascinating soap-opera lives of monkey societies. Observations take place in the monkeys’ tropical forest home among scenic ruins of temples and palaces of bygone Buddhist and Hindu civilizations.

  • You benefit from our 40+ years of scientific study, and 18 years as expedition leaders.
  • Different tours are tailored for families with children, retirees, students and professionals
  • This site is also relevant to scientists, students, educators, and anyone interested in primate biology, wildlife conservation and South Asian tropical biodiversity.

Latest News

Presidential Awards for Science

Jan 2014: Dr. Dittus received two awards from the Sri Lankan president for scientific publications.

Fatness in primate evolution

Nov 2013: In the American Journal of Physical Anthropology Dr. Dittus considers changes in the anatomical distribution of body fat that were critical in the evolution from arboreal monkeys to terrestrial hominids. 

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Sep 2013:  Dr. Dittus delivered a plenary lecture at the Student Conference in Conservation Science.

Asian Art, Culture and Heritage

Aug 2013, IAAH conference: Dittus & Gunathilake call to align the management of Sri Lanka’s heritage sites with ancient cultural values and UNESCO policy



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