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Photo: Wolfgang Dittus

Like humans, monkeys live in families, tribes and communities. Monkeys have relatives, friends and enemies, and use a rich repertoire of gestures to communicate. You will see them display care, courtship, passion, cooperation and teamwork, as well as greed, jealousy, aggression, and tribal warfare. You can’t help but reflect on the parallels in the behaviors of monkeys and humans and on the ancestry of our social dispositions. Your observations will involve three species of monkeys native to Sri Lanka: the toque macaque, the gray langur and the purple-faced langur. You also will note the ecological challenges facing primates in a changing modern environment, and how you might help promote their survival. You will work in teams following monkeys through jungles embellished with the ancient ruins of temples and palaces of a bygone civilization. The expert project staff will guide you in our observations. Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy quality accommodation in a scenic private lakeside field station that has earned a reputation for its exceptionally good food.

We offer two packages

  • Human Families Meet Monkey Families: This tour is offered as options ranging from half a day up to 3 days and is designed for anyone  who wishes to experience the thrill of observing monkeys up-close in their natural forest home. It is also child friendly. Our experts serve as your guides.  Learn more
  • Volunteer – Be the Scientist: This two weeks tour is designed for volunteers, students and professionals who want an in-depth learning experience of observing and recording the social behaviors and ecology of one to three species of primates in their natural forest habitat. Learn more


Photo: David Barron

Excursions: wildlife safaris, culture and leisure

A variety of brief outings and recreational activities are offered to supplement the “All About Primates” packages. These excursions also may be booked independently by overnight visitors to our Research Station. Learn about Nature Tours and -> about Cultural Tours


Rooms and meals are provided at the Field Research Station (field camp) on the shores of lake Parakrama Samudra and within easy access to the research site. Learn more

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With 42 years of monkey studies to our credit, we teach, entertain and inspire you about monkey lore and natural history. You will benefit also from our 15 years of experience running programs for Earth watch Institute volunteers, students and professional. Learn more