Human Family Meets Monkey Family

Tour for families

We welcome people of all ages to visit and learn about the local wildlife and especially about our passion – the monkeys. Witness first hand the soap-opera lives of  famous monkey characters as shown in the Discovery Channel documentaries like “Temple Troop,”  “Clever Monkeys” and “Dark Days In Monkeys City”. Some of the characters living now you will see in the upcoming Disney production  “Monkey Kingdom” that is scheduled to open in movie theaters starting March 2015.


Photo: Barney Wilczak

What you will experience

  • You’ll See: three primate species: toque macaques, hanuman langurs, and purple-faced langurs. Learn what makes them so special; their different social social organizations and ecological strategies.
  • We’ll show you: a variety of social behaviors, including: maternal care, play, food competition, grooming, a rich repertoire of facial gestures, body postures and vocal signal. You may also see territorial disputes (warfare), anti-predator behavior and possibly infanticide, among others.
  • We’ll explain to you: how monkeys differ as individuals, about their family and friendship relations and their often dramatic social histories.
  • photograph: Many monkeys can be observed up close for easy photographs.

Photo: Barney Wilczak

Photo: Barney Wilczak

Activities you are offered

With guidance from our naturalists you will:

  • follow monkeys on foot in the forest
  • make some Monkey Identification Cards as individual monkeys are easily distinguished by their natural markings. This will help you to note  individual differences in behavior (best suited for long stays).
  • notice different behaviors and listen to us explain their social lives.
  • attend an introductory lecture and  discussions that highlight your observations.
  • watch one or more documentary films in the evenings.

What you will gain

Photo: David Barron

Photo: David Barron

You will gain a better understanding of :

  • monkey societies and their dynamics in the wild
  • how different monkey species are specialized in their behavior and ecology and co-exist peacefully in a shared forest habitat.
  • how monkeys differ markedly as individuals and why
  • issues of primate conservation
  • your place in nature

Who benefits

The tour is suitable for adults and children over 5 years of age.

Program and Schedule

Program options differ in content and duration as explained in the Schedule page Learn more